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Customized Health Programs With Goals:

"A Health Coach Is An External Force To Make Sure You Are Going To Achieve Your Aims".

Explore the Benefits of Holistic Health Coaching
20 hrs and 40 hrs Programs


► Food Therapy  
► Shiatsu Therapy  
► Atlas Acupressure Therapy  
► Water Therapy  
► Chinese Eastern Healing Techniques 
► Emotional Intelligence Technique  
► Holistic Healing Technique  
► Blood Ph Balance with Holistic Nutrition  
► and more!


Benefits of Holistic Health Coaching
with Horacio Roa

A Holistic Health System Developed To Give You Tools to Reach Long-Lasting Effects

► Increase Self-Knowledge
► Valuation for Self-care  
► Develop Discipline  
► Commitment with Yourself  
► Health Refinement
► Improve the Physical Body  
► Emotional Intelligence/Strenght  
► Better Digestion  
► Better Sleep  
► Increased Libido  
► Boost Immunity System   
► Cellular Regeneration   
► Tissue Regeneration   
► Cancer Prevention  
► Post Cancer Treatment Recovery  
► Helps with Inflamation  
► Helps with Chronic Pain  
► Natural Weight Balance  
► Rise Life-Style Standards  
and many more health benefits


A Holistically Harmonius Combination Of Disciplines Designed To Improve Energy & Performance Of The Body, Mind, and Emotions



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Therapies & Detox Treatments  

Online consultation 
available by appointment


Holistic Health Clinic

Health Consultation and Treatments

How is a Session Like?

Each Session is 2 hours long and includes time for evaluation & consultation as well as a time for pre-planned sequence of customized treatments that are average 30 to 45 minutes long.


shiatsu therapy office


►Wednesdays and Saturdays in NEVADA CITY
►Mondays and Thursdays in YUBA CITY 
►Tuesdays and Fridays in OREGON HOUSE

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Therapies and Detox Treatments

Appointments by phone, CALL 530-790-5167 for assistance -or- to request additional information.



TOGETHER We Will Develop & Put Into Action An Optimized Plan
To Achieve Your Health Goals On A Realistic Time Period





"It was then that I came to meet Horacio Roa based upon a firm recommendation of a friend. I had not been to a holistic practitioner before Horacio and was skeptical, if not actually looking for a reason to cut that initial visit short. I am lucky to have found such a mature and skillful healer. Horacio is an artist in the truest sense. For me, his ability to locate and understand my pain and communicate to me ways to heal is akin to the finest skill of any master of their trade, that is, an artform.

Using a combination of directed conversations and guided emotional explorations, water massage treatments, purified supplements, moxibustion and yoga style exercises, my symptoms have diminished substantially. I have near full use of my thumbs and more, I have greater overall energy and health."

Bruce L, EdM, MBA - 2006

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